What is One thing you would tell your friend about Pregnancy that is NOT in any books??

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If your friend is just pregnant or wants to become pregnant for the first time, what is something you would share or tell her? Either something that you didn't know or learned or a tip or advice.. either the icky gooey secret stuff or a misperception in the books.. or one thing you wish you had known?

    I will tell them to NOT google anything.. ever.. lol.. I can't ell you how many times I was in PURE panic due to what the internet told me.. My OB told me to stop and said that was one of the biggest problems in his practice was the constant calls from terrified moms that read something on the internet that could be "wrong".. I agree.. I still have to remind myself to stay off google.. Or if I believed everything.. I would have a brain tumor, annuerism, shingles, and the need to lose a left arm..
      Google is a sure way to convince yourself you're dying lol I love google but not for medical problems.
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