Causes of low platelet count in children?

Something like a simple virus can cause a low platelet count in your child. If your doctor runs labs and this comes up don't be too alarmed. Without any other labs coming back suspicious they may just wish to retest in a week or two. If there are any other suspicious labs they may refer you to a specialist for a second opinion.

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Yes, unless you had other symptoms that caused you to need the test.

I had a VERY scary situation a few years ago with Bub. He was really lethargic and just looked like he didn't feel well but had no other symptoms. The pediatrician ran labs and they came back suspicious for what you would see in labs of a child with leukemia, low platelets being one of the off counts. Naturally I was freaked out. They sent us to the children's hospital to have labs done again and discuss what comes next, but low and behold the levels were perfect at that point.

And I was told it was probably a virus. Thank you doctors for scaring the hell out of me and making me worried to death for those few days between appointments.

That's why I said it's probably not an issue, but if they have any worries you will go to a specialist.
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