Infection after C-Section

An infection after a C-section is extremely common. My Doctors constantly took my temperature post c-section and once it spiked, they normally administer a round of antibiotics.. BUT.. I'm allergic to Penicillin and so they didn't give me that one obviously, and wouldn't you know it.. that was the strain of infection that I had and so I was in the hospital for 8 days past delivery.. the Doctors had to have some medicine shipped from NY to me.. and they called it "agent Orange".. which was highly unsettling.. since it was the only thing I could be given, yet was such an extreme medication, with (now I know it to be) horrible side effects.. When it was given to me, they had ice packs on my arm because it burned.. and three Doctors stood by to make sure I didn't have a reaction..

I didn't realize what was really happening at the time.. they down played it and in hindsight I see it now.. but I guess it worked.. and all was fine..

Second baby? V-BAC... thank Goodness..

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