Comfortable Yet Flattering

I am...very, very, very self-conscious. Always have been, though in the past few years I've become a wee bit more confident. I've learned to like my face, and I know that I'm not ugly, even after having a baby. I used to dress to kind of...hide myself. Band T-Shirts, old raggedy jeans, etc.

Now I usually wear either a knee length dress and sandals, or comfortable jeans with a button up, collared, flattering-fit shirt. On hotter days, I'll wear a bigger button up collared shirt, with sleeves that only go to my elbows, open, with a tank top underneath and jeans and sandals. I don't have a lot of shoes, lol. Mostly my old sandals, a nice pair of black dress sandals, and my old waitress work shoes. No makeup, no expensive hair products. Just sometimes my glasses, nicely washed/dried/brushed hair, and my wedding ring and necklace. In winter I like sweater dresses and darker leggings/boots.

I don't like the term "dress to impress" and never have. I prefer to dress to fit my own comfort and sense of self. I want to go somewhere knowing that I like the way I look.

Moms Expertise
    I'm so glad you are gaining confidence. It makes me so sad to hear a woman say she is uncomfortable in her body. I mean let's face it, now matter our shape or size we have beautiful bodies.

    Next time you (general you) are feeling down about your body go look in the mirror. Naked or clothed, doesn't matter. Pick out a few things you like about your body. The more you do this the more you will find things that you like. Do you think that dimple on your butt is adorable? How about the sexy way your hip bones accentuate the curve at your waist? Do you have legs that are to die for? You'll find something, trust me. All of us have beautiful bodies, we just need to recognize it. ;)
      I have to force myself to rally up and get it together some days.. and I'm always glad that I did.. Some days working at home I just want to throw on sweats and a baseball cap, and hide.. but when I get it together and put on jeans and t shirt and make my hair not look awful.. I always feel better and glad that I did..
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