Is Vaginal Delivery really "easier" than a C-Section?

You know.. I've had both.. and I have to say.. that aside fro being exhausted after my c-section due to the fact that I was in labor for 16 hours before and pushing for 3.. that I was just as uncomfortable after my V-bac as I was after my c-section. Of course I had surgery and had that healing.. but the week after both.. My lower area was UNHAPPY.. and the stitches were NOT fun.. I feel like both were challenging for me, at different parts ..

But I have friends that have a baby and walk out of the hospital the next morning and you wouldn't know anything went on..

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    I'm glad that I got to experience both... and had a c section scheduled for her.. but went into labor the night before.. so we let it play out to see how my body handled it,,, so i got to have both experiences... but neither were easier or better than the other... maybe because i labored for so long prior to my c-section?
      I was in labor for 30 hours before the doctors finally decided to do a c section. Honestly, I'm excited for the rest of my children to be born from c section. I can pre plan the dates, times and places which is a lot less stressful than waiting for labor to happen naturally. I would just much rather have a choice in it. And honestly, most women who are pregnant and claim they want it to happen naturally are the ones begging their doctors to induce them because the agony of waiting is almost unbearable lol! So, c section all the way for me! It's the easiest route for my personality lol
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