postpartum advice needed

Sooo we live about 3 hrs away from home (well we rent) n we go home on wknds.I have a friend in the rv park where we stay thats here most of the time if i need anything. Also my husband is gone for work from 530 to 530 every day but sat n sun.

what im getting at is.. the 6wks postpartum where ur body is so weak n ur not rly able to do anything. should i go stay w/ my mom or stay w/ husband?

we have decided ill stay here but if it seems that wont work then me n baby will go home until needed. if i do go over to parents then my husband will see me on wknds.. thoughts anyone? were u able to do it by urself w/ hardly any help or were u fully dependent on others?

    Well.. Is your husband able to take a couple of days off once you have the baby? Assuming all goes well with labor, you really only need a couple of days until you're back to "normal".. But you may feel more comfortable at your home?
    For me. My husband travelled a lot and had to travel two days after my son was born and I was fine.. I was tired and it was a lot, but you just manage and do it. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else than my home with my baby and husband. .
    But it's up to you.. wherever you feel best and if you're husband is okay with that.. You;ll be surprised what you are able to do..
      i looove being at home in MS n dont rly like staying in a small camper but a day or 2 apart from husband kills me. yea i think he might take off a day or 2. considering a wk but we will see... my husband n i too (but not as much as him) sees it that hes supposed to provide for me n dont want anyone else to. that like u said we r a family n its meant for the soon to b 3 of us to stay together.
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