Bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant. Miscarriage?

I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. I do remember some light spotting around that time. At 14 weeks I got up off the couch and felt a huge gush. I looked down and saw a lot of bright red blood. I immediately went to the emergency room. They called it a threatened miscarriage (still not sure what that means). The baby was fine but I took it easy from then on in my pregnancy. Some bleeding is normal and might come in the form of spotting. Since there is a fine line I would never leave it up to chance. If you experience any bleeding you should see your doctor right away.

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    A threatened miscarriage I think means that if you didn't get help right away then it would be quite possible even imminent for one to happen..

    I think the rule of thumb here for bleeding when pregnant is the color and amount.. light pink tinged.. spotting.. is supposed to be okay... dark red is no good .. either way, always call your Doctor..
      I bled regularly until I was 6 months in, and didn't know I was pregnant so I never got it checked, I just thought it was my period, but if you know you are pregnant and you bleed I think you should definitely get it checked. I was told that my "appendicitis" was actually almost a miscarriage, that my body was trying to kick the baby out because of the RH Blood Factor Difference, but resisting at the same time which resulted in severe pain and illness. If the doctors had actually bothered to check at the time, I'd have known I was pregnant much earlier.
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