Need Sleep..

Hunter has been sick with the sniffles and is not sleeping very well during the night. He wakes up every few hours because his nose is all stuffy, and this mommy has been staying in the living room with him (the glider which lets him to sit up a bit more is in the living room versus the crib which is flat that is in the bedroom with the comfy bed). Hunter does not normally sleep through the night just yet, waking up for a bottle, but at least once he eats he goes right back to bed. Right now, he wakes up and is up for sometime before he realizes how tired he is. I hope that this is the last night, because I work full time and I am running out of energy with this lack of sleep for 2 days now.

Any advice other mommies? I give Hunter a bath, and then later we go in the bathroom to a hot shower to breath in the steam, we use a cold air humidifier, a saline spray for babies, and I use the bulb to try and clear his nose (which Hunter absolutely hates). Thanks!!!

- One sleepy mommy, Michelle:)

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    Oh you poor thing.. all of you.. I think you're doing what you need to do and sadly it just may be this way until it passes and everyone is better.. I remember nights sleeping sitting up on the couch or on their bed.. or on the floor next to the car seat.. and then dealing with a frightened toddler.. sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to get through it..

    Hang tight.. I hope it passes by quickly .. sleep any second you can..
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