Is it rude to have a baby shower for subsequent births?

I have always heard people say you can only have a baby shower for your first baby and that it is rude to have a baby shower for your second, third, etc babies. Some people think it is greedy and bad manners.

Personally I think it is up to you and your family. We all think that different things are acceptable. I had a baby shower for my first baby but not my others because it wasn't considered acceptable. I would have loved to still have a shower to celebrate the upcoming birth, but without gifts but I never got those. I have seen some pretty cute ideas for diaper showers or book showers for other births.

What is social acceptable in your circle of friends and family?
What did you do for your babies?
What is your opinion?

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    Nikki Hicks
    I had a baby shower for both 1st born and second born, Bc they are diffrent genders(: didn't have one for my 3rd Bc he's a he, only barley a year difference between him and his older brother(: I would have another baby shower if I ever become pregnant again. Due to the age gap, bc I'm no longer equipt for a baby only toddlers(: that's how my family does baby showers.
      I had two showers .. The first one was definitely a bigger deal than the second.. just because it was my first and I had nothing.. the second was more of a celebration of the birth rather than a gift giving type event..

      So, no.. I don't think it's rude.. at all.. any subsequent births can be given a party as a celebration and include the sibling, etc.. I personally would have no problem attending any second and third or fourth baby showers for any friends.. and giving a gift..
      I have heard that having more is greedy and selfish to keep asking for gifts when people already gave you what you needed for a baby. (not my opinion, just sharing what I heard)
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