How will I know if my babies-twins are identical

If you are pregnant with twins your doctor will schedule an ultrasound sometime before 14 weeks to evaluate the babies. The placenta or placentas are a great indicator to determine if your twins are identical or not.

1/3 of identical twins and all non identical twins will have the following findings on the ultrasound:
-Babies each have their own placenta and their own separate inner and outer amniotic sac. Your doctor will not know for sure at this time if your twins are identical or not.

Twins that are identical will have the following findings:
-Babies share a single placenta and a single outer membrane but they will each have their own inner membrane. This is the most common form of identical twins.
-Babies share a single placenta and they share the same outer and inner membrane. This form is identical twins is extremely rare, less than 1%. This form of twins has increased risk of complications.

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