Breast Changes During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you will experience many changes with your breasts. One of the first pregnancy symptoms many women notice is breast soreness.

Starting around 6-8 weeks your breasts will start getting bigger. Your breasts will grow 1-2 full cup sizes throughout your pregnancy.

As your breasts grow you may notice that your nipples and areolas are getting darker and larger in size. You might also notice little bumps on your areolas, these bumps are know as Montgomery Glands, they secret an oil that lubricates and protects your nipples and areolas.

Other changes you might notice are itching of the skin, stretch marks and discomfort. You will also notice your veins in your breasts getting darker and more prominent.

During the third month of pregnancy your body will begin producing colostrum. Some women will start to leak colostrum, you may see a yellow liquid dripping out or find yellow stains or crust on your nipples or bra.

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    Then when you stop nursing and your children are older your boobs sag and are looking tired and you wish for some implants to get back to that pregnancy/breast feeding boob stage! LOL!
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