Cloth Diapers?

Can anyone chime in on some pro's & con's of cloth diapering?

    Theresa and Beth Valencia and Beth Hannah all use cloth diapers and will have some great advice for you!
      well in my opinion the positives are - no irritation from the cloth diapers like the ones that are disposable, more cost efficient, and save lots of $$$! the negatives would be that it is a lot of work to clean, empty, and prepare them for the next use, unless you live in a state/ area where there are companies that do these things for you at $$ cost not as convenient (something we all take for granted these days), I would recommend them as a great choice. I never personally used them on my oldest daughter, but definitely am considering using on my next child I am hoping to conceive
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        I liked cloth diapering because baby could feel the wetness and had to be changed more often, thus made them easier to potty train, in my opinion. It was cheaper because I started with cloth diapers my sister passed on to me. I eventually did have to buy more but it was still cheaper in the long run especially since I used them for multiple children.

        I liked not filling landfills with diapers, but that wasn't a motivation. Easier potty training was!

        Cons: my husband with our last child was tired of cloth diapers and them sitting and often smelling in the diaper pail (we waited to do them once a day at night time. If the diapers are not changed right away, just like a disposable baby will get a rash. If you use chemical based products to soak or wash the diapers it will cause a rash, if the diapers are not rinsed properly.
          I absolutely love cloth diapers!!
          Pros: WAY CUTER, We have never had diaper rash since switching, saves a TON of money if you have more than one child and use the same diapers, and of course there are all the environmental benefits too.
          Cons: Honestly the only one I can think of is that cloth diapering tends to become an addiction. I have had enough diapers for some time now, and yet I continue to purchase each of the new ones that come out. I love them, they are pretty, and it's almost an obsession to have ALL of them

          Laundry really is easy. I enjoy doing it and somehow folding and prepping the diapers is a huge stress relief for me. I enjoy it and look forward to it :)
            Thank you everyone!! I was worried about rashes with cloth, but that does not seem to be the problem at all lol! How many would you recommend having on hand so I don't have to do laundry CONSTANTLY?
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            Thank you!!
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