Pregnancy and swelling hands: when to worry?

Any swelling during pregnancy should be evaluated by a medical professional. It is common to get swelling during specific stages of your pregnancy. Some of the swelling is harmless and some of the swelling can indicate a much larger problem. Only your doctor will be able to tell if the swelling is something to worry about.

Your doctor will probably check your urine, blood pressure and maybe even draw some blood. Your doctor will let you know what sign and symptoms to watch for that could indicate your swelling is a more serious problem.

If you experience swelling it is a sign that you should slow down and try to rest more. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. It is also helpful to lower your sodium intake. If you hands start swelling you should take your wedding rings off and leave them off the the remainder of the pregnancy.

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    I swelled with each pregnancy but never had any secondary issues...always check with a Doc though!
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