Can you get pregnant in the 6 weeks after labor


Everyone women is different and it is possible to get pregnant in those first six weeks. It is impossible to know if you are ovulating or not and it is impossible to know when you will first ovulate after giving birth. It is very important for you to use birth control as soon as you start having sex in the postpartum.

Getting pregnant so soon after pregnancy increases your risks of problems. Make sure you are protecting yourself.

It is never sex to have unprotected sex, never, no matter where you are in your cycle, there is always a risk of pregnancy.

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    With that being said, I totally agree and even my OBGYN advised no sex until after 6 week check up after giving birth! Thought it was due to chances of conceiving, could also be due to problems
      Well sure! ... how fun would that be? Not too fun in my eyes... but it could happen!
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