5 weeks pregnant but negative home test: how it's possible?

Home pregnancy tests detect the amount of HCG in your urine. HCG is the pregnancy hormone. The hormone is excreted in your urine. When you pee on a pregnancy test the chemical on the test will bind with the hormone and the positive line will show up.

If you are pregnant but having negative tests the following might be the cause:

- Your urine is too dilute so their is not enough of the hormone in it to show up in the test.
- The test might be defective or expired.
- You might be putting too much or too little urine on the test.
- It might be too early in your pregnancy to get a positive result.

If your doctor has confirmed your pregnancy with a blood test then you are pregnant and your shouldn't worry about the urine tests. The blood tests can detect the amount of the hormone and urine tests can not do that.

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