Smart toys and games for gifted children

It will depend on the age of your child but here are the ones I thought of and the latter are from a google search:

Chess and other strategy type games.


Word puzzles. Books or other word games like Boggle etc.

KEVA Contraptions


Apples to Apples

Mad Gab Game

Science lab kits…

What are your ideas?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    I believe that the best gift (toys) for any child that may be considered as advanced is to not corner them and to teach them that it does not matter how smart they are; knowing that we share the world with many walks of life and that we all can contribute for the better of society in many ways, imagine what the world would be like if each person had to learn everything from scratch by trial and error, with no recipes, no newspapers, encyclopedias, no textbooks nothing that records what others have learned or contributed, fortunately we have many sources of information to draw on! I really hate to see people raise their children to be so competitive with the discovery of others so you have a good memory, what can you give that YOU thought of c'mon not using the ideas of others if you can get your child to think using beyond that less than 10% of brain power that we use throughout life, Ha Ha then do it, but I think not! Not trying to be cynical. I am so glad to see life without blinders on. Maybe if people will try to teach children how to develop wisdom (not book sense) then the world will be a much better place to live in.
      I don't read to my son to corner him into thinking he has to be better than someone. To me, reading is an outlet for imagination. Growing up, it was something my mother and I bonded over. I loved sitting with her for hours and discussing books, ideas, and possibilities of new worlds. I was sick a lot as a child, and books were a way for me to experience a world I couldn't be a part of a lot of the time. I'd like for my son to be able to experience the joy of discovering new worlds and ideas. If later he doesn't want to be a reader, I have no problem with it. There's no need to be rude. To each their own.
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