When to get a pregnancy test if I missed my period

I always tested right away after my period was late and I always tested in the early morning when the pregnancy hormone is highest. The longer your period is late, the pregnancy hormone should be increasing so time of day a week or two past the time your period was suppose to start probably won't matter as much.

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    My period was one day late when I took my pregnancy test. Although I already knew what the result would be because I had never been late in my life. I think anytime something is different or seems odd if there is a possibility you should test. Better to know sooner :-)
      i am still bloated and my period isnt due til may 5th. this last month i had what i thought was a period but unsure cuz it wasnt heavy and didnt fill a pad up
      8Theresa Gould
      It will be interesting to see if you are pregnant Maria.
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