early bed times

Its going on 730 here and as i sit in my room i can hear the laughter of children from the house out back. I sit in my quiet room folding laundry and wonder ... Do I put my children to bed too early? Its still light outside and i remember being a kid and complaining how we shouldn't go to bed so early and here I am putting my children to bed at 7pm.

Now my 1yr old is just about out, since switching to her toddler bed a couple weeks ago she has been going to bed easier most days. My 4yr old gets 1 movie at bed time if he was good throughout the day so he is enjoying himself toy story 2 (he is obsessed with buzz and woody).

and although its quiet and now mommy time i cant help but think with the screaming laughter i hear from across the yard at 4 boys no older than 10 and as young as 3 -- do i put mine to bed too early?

obviously it works for my household and my sanity for bedtime to be at 7. What time do your kiddos go to bed? do you have different bedtimes for different ages?

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    I think it depends on the kids. I put my son to bed at 9 right now because that's when he starts getting sleepy. Once he is old enough to start school I will probably put him to bed earlier on a school night to make sure he gets enough sleep, but if your kids get sleepy around 7 then that's what works for them and I'd stick to it. If it makes you feel too guilty maybe you can let them stay up later on a friday night so they have more time to play outside.
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