Preschoolers addicted to iPads and technology

Interesting article on this topic.…
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    Ah.. it worked.. and it was a great article! I really think it's a problem at how much parents rely on these devices nowadays.. everywhere I go, when kids are out to eat, they are using an iPad or iPhone, it's like they don't know what else to do with them besides let them be on it.. and it's rather sad.. I don't see chatting or talking.. I really do see dependency.. a good friend of mine, whenever her son makes a peep - out comes the iPad.. we have already decided we won't be letting Monroe use our iPhones or iPad at least until he is 2 or older.. it makes me sad that parents rely so much on them..
      We don't even have an iPad, lol. We have our computers and games, ofc, but I don't let Nina play with them...apart from the fact that she's only One. I try to make a point of playing with Nina a lot, with her toys or with made-up games and silly noises or songs or games of chase, be it inside or outside. She'll probably learn how to use the computer relatively young, but she definitely won't be on it unless she needs to be, or it's a limited time. I've seen toddlers, too, all over the place who scream unless they get handed an iPad or phone or something, and I find it unacceptable. I've also seen parents who look like they're going to scream if their kid isn't completely distracted by technology, like they can't handle spending actual time with their children. Bothers me so much.
        hmmm this is a great article ... but I would hope that parents limit a child's technology interaction and let them PLAY a little