I'll be up front i hate Cats and today i had to get one for the mice

I got the cat and brought it home on the way home from Joplin,mo It hissed at me 5 times , I called it the devil cat lol else wise today went fairly ok

craiglist and Meg. I hope that's what I got it for my husband named it mushoe lol
    This is so funny... my sister hates cats! I found this cute song on one of my children's CD's and we sing it to her all the time. Here are the lyrics:

    A duck is an excellent swimmer
    A monkey' both clever and shrewd
    A dog loves to bring you your slippers
    A cat only comes when there's food.

    CHORUS: Yuck! Cats! Yuck! Cats!
    Don't try to give one to me, to me
    Yuck! Cats! Yuck! Cats!
    Don't try to give one to me.

    Birds chirp and twitter for hours
    Rabbits make cuddly pets
    Snakes can even be playful
    But cats like to play hard to get.


    Donkeys are known to be stubborn
    But cats are much worse, you'll agree
    Try leading a cat to the water
    It's easier to part the Red Sea.


    Cat lovers say. "Cats are so loving,
    So diligent, loyal and true."
    But cats just know how to be sneaky
    Ignore folks, chase mice, and go "Meow".

      I found mushoe in a old back of mine a few minutes ago. he was meowing so I tried to be a good person get him out and I get hissed at. I tell u guys hez the devil
        backpack lol
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