what is going on with my body...

so lately I have been having some weird symptoms...like ok I know I know tmi but , my breast feel veryheavey and tender to the touch, I have been having bad cramping followed by diharreia and just want to cry. I never get this way whe I am on pms. this is new.. and I have an irregular period..but I still havnt gotten it... idk iam I freaking out over nothing? I cant see a doctor until they approve my insurance back on.

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    4Milagro Rivera
    Thanks. I know me to..i thought I was just part of my period but its not. and I have a loss of appitite also.
      4Milagro Rivera
      thanks meg I will.
        I agree that you might want to see a professional... this is the best way to get answers!
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