who takes the night shift?

I am lucky we about 60/40 daddy is the 60 he works second shift so he still up and it gives me chance to catch a few Z's I AM LUCKY LUCKY LADY!!!! But at first we both got up every time!! I had to learn to let go trust he could handle her and he does

    I get ALL shifts all the time! My hubby helps around the house and with the children on weekends if I need it ...but most of the time since I am the one "home" I get the children duty. I work an early AM shift (from home) and on the weekends he takes care of the children so I can get some extra sleep.

    Glad your hubby lets you get your needed rest!
      I love hearing that moms have this support, it's so important. It's kind of an 80/20 split here. Now that I'm not constantly checking on Charlie's breathing, putting my hand on his chest, etc.. I can let it go and let the bf handle things. He works all day and is on call 24/7 so I try to take care of as much as I can while he's home, but when he sees that I'm beat he's more than willing to get up.
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