Tattoos: Baby footprints and loss memories... Your thoughts?

I'm a tattoo girl and so is my husband (well, he's a tattoo man, not a girl lol)

I think anything you don't mind having on your body forever, go for it! And honestly, you can get cover up tats even if it turns out badly.

As for footprints, I've seen some wonderful ones and some pretty crappy ones. I WANT footprints one day, but will probably choose something else instead. The reason is because my tattoos tend to spread a little... For example I have a fleur de lis that when I got it had very obvious spaces in it and detail... That was about 6 years ago, and the spaces are much smaller, almost non existent. I also have Latin words and where there were spaces in the letters, like the hole in the top of a capital R... There isn't one. Its just black space.
So, I'd love to be covered in four tiny sets of lil footprints one day, but the intricate ones I want would probably turn into eight stupid looking blobs. So... I want something different.

I've always liked the idea of starting a trail of ivy... Adding new leaves for major life occurrences like having babies, major stepping stones in personal growth, etc... It would grow with me. :) But, Id like something that obviously represents the kids too.

My thoughts are, no matter what they'll be my kids so I'll never regret it. Maybe their birthdays in hexadecimal or binary or... I donno yet really.

Also... I have been thinking about getting something that would represent Angel babies... I donno what though. Do you ladies have any ideas for that?

How do you feel about tattoos representing your kids? Do you have footprints? Did/do they "smudge" over time?

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    I have a tattoo representing my son on my right shoulder. It's a sugar skull (he's part Mexican) with a purple rose in one eye (his birth flower) and 2 red roses to the side representing my grandmother who passed 18 days before he was born. Also, there's a bumblebee on the forehead. Scientifically speaking, it's impossible for a bumblebee to fly, but they defy the odds. I wasn't supposed to be able to bear children, but Jaime defied the odds as well.
      I think kids names are the only names that should ever be tattooed on someone. Even the most assured couple can go south. I think footprints are great but a bit overdone. I've decided on a blue starfish for Charlie. We always call him our little starfish because he's always fanning out like one. I love the ivy idea, Katie got a great peacock with the feathers representing her children.

      Ask to see his work, but not the work that was done last week. Not only does everyone's skin react differently, but tattoos can go too deep or not deep enough. Try to find someone who had work done a year ago. People who take care of their tattoos will still have great looking tattoos far into the future. Mine is a very large piece on my upper arm and people are pretty surprised when I tell them I got it 5 years ago.

      Whatever it is, make sure your tattoo artist operates on medical standards, NOT TATTOO SHOP STANDARDS.
        u can do clocks maybe? for the time they were born? nahhh but maybe a ruler n put little markings with how long they r. idk.. ive always like footprint idea n want husband to get it but it is kinda overused.

        personally i dont agree w/ tats for biblical reasons n bcuz when i get old n wrinkly it might look dum. however i have considered getting one. my husband has 10 (which i ddnt know at first) lol n we have both agreed hes done. but he might get some old ones covered or get some stuff to represent our kids
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          I have 2 tattoes a flower and hearts never thought about getting foot prints hum sound nice
            I have an alto clef tatted on the back of my neck. It's also called a Viola clef because violists use it to read music (I play the viola). Viola is also Italian for "Violet", which is my daughter's name. I plan to have it touched up (it was done by an amateur. While not awful, it could be better) and embellished with some ivy and a little violet next to it. My brother also has tattoos for both of his sons (including name and birthdate). I think it's a wonderful thing. Tattoos last forever, and they will always be our babies ;)
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