So busy yesterday but at least we dont have to worry

So yesterday we were so busy. I had a chiropracter for my back right after i dropped thr kids off, of course he lectured me cuz i over used my back. After that i went grocery shopping. Came back home to put groceries away and to clean up the house, including the aweful smell from my dishwasher that has been bothering me. After that vincents physical therpist came over and worked with him. During that time i got lunch done and fed logan. After that i fed vince his lunch and put him and logan to bed.
Around 1pm we got ready to leave for a trip to a nerousugeron for vince.
The doctor said no helmet he looks fine and everything is growing well just watch for more buldging or flatness until he is 16months.

Came home picked up haiden from neighbors house but he refused to come and his friend wanted him to stay longet. I
Said fine but its up to the dad, the dad said ok. So i just took the school bag home.
I fed vince his bottle, and made dinner. Haiden came home and had attitude.
Then it was homework and bed

Thanks it was exhausting, but considering nap time was messed up logan and vince were really good
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