Newborn Eye Discharge

My daughter had this for about her first 4 months. It is caused by blocked tear ducts, normal in newborns. Our pediatrician had us just use a warm wash cloth and gently remove the gunk when her eyes would get messy. Then with a clean finger gently massage the inner corners of her eyes. Our doctor monitored it at her appointments but said not to worry unless the whites of her eyes became red, as that could be a sign of infection. But right about 4 months it cleared up completely on it's own.

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      8Theresa Gould
      Our first son had this up until he was over a year old and had to have day surgery to unblock the tear duct. I was nine months pregnant with our fifth and my husband went with him to the hospital. It was the most nerve wrecking thing to not be able to be there....I just knew I would lose it emotionally and want to be in the surgery with him so I stayed away to avoid all that!
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