Schools Considering Dress Code for Parents!?

I thought this was an interesting story! This school is considering a dress code for their parents! They don't want parents in booty shorts, low cut tops, pajamas, hair curlers when coming to get their kids or participating in school functions. I agree with the school that parents should dress appropriately when they come to school but can they really enforce this? Do you think this school is crossing a line?

    I can agree with no pajamas or "booty shorts" or hair curlers...but it is sort of crossing a line. While I myself never leave the house without at least attempting to look human, I've seen some people who are the stereotype "Walmart" person, if you know what I mean. I don't think they really could/should enforce it, but then people shouldn't be out and about in some outfits anyway lol
      I think it's a good idea.
        Oh NO.. Lol.. I have some moms at our school to line up for this code.. The height of some heels and skirts and boobs I see flying around.. lol it's LA so I'm used to it and hardly even notice unless it's just ridiculous.. But yes.. I don't know how they would enforce it.. and what's considered appropriate to me isn't for another..
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