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OK Ladies, I am in need of some advice. I would really love to get my 2 yr old potty trained before his 3rd birthday so he can go to preschool. He knows what to do and will tell me when he has wet or dirtied his diaper but has NO interest in the potty at all. People keep telling me he will do it when he is ready but I feel like he is just being stubborn and needs incentive. I've tried treats for going in the potty, it worked once.

    the boy a nannied for, his parents potty trained him in three days and it worked well. They had to be home pretty much all day those three days and really be disciplined with it but it worked. The put him in underpants and made him go sit on the potty every 30 or so min and always would ask him if he needed to go. They kept this up and by the ned of the time he was telling them when he needed to go.
      I was the same way with pre-school before 3 was my goal.. I had a pretty strict way of doing it and with all my kids it worked.. in 3 days.. But you have to be willing to get dirty :)

      Start with the "last box" of diapers.. You tell him a week or 10 days in advance that it's the last box of his size and they don't make them for 3 year olds.. and then every day, happily remind him that you have "18 diapers left" and he's a big boy..

      Then the last day.. you go to underwear.. that are NEW and in the package for him to open and that;s it... here's the deal.. as you are HAPPILY reminding him he's on his last diaper you are also still encouraging the potty.. but not pushing.. playfully reminding him that in 7 days he will need to use it.. etc..

      Then once the diapers are gone.. they're GONE.. and you will have accidents.. I had them in Target and stores.. and I knew they would happen and so I was always prepared with extra clothes for those days.. All of my kids.. had maybe 2-3 accidents in public.. and we would finish our shopping and I would be very sweet and tell them it's okay, but we would change them in 10 minutes.. or they would finish the shopping.. first.. so that they didn't LOVE having an accident.. NOT PUNISHING them..

      And all the while YOU make the rules.. YOU don't go out to the park until EVERYONE Pottys.. etc..

      If you stick to it.. if you can really get it down.. then they will follow.. :)
        8Theresa Gould
        Stubborn children often don't work on our time table, unfortunately. Sometimes pushing them can make them balk more at being trained so I'd caution to advance with care!
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