So, Why CAN'T your kids sleep with you? What do you tell them?

So. My daughter, she's 7 and she went through a really bad fear phase.. after our earthquakes here and then some police activity nearby.. freaked her out and for a both a week I let her crawl into bed with me at midnight or whenever she got up.. I knew it was a phase and it would pass and she was terrified of something 'bad' happening.

But then a week turned into two and I started to walk her back and forth and then I would not realize she was there until I wake up at 2 am and BOTH my kids are glued to me and I'm in a full sweat..

Now the phase has passed.. she still thinks of the fears but isn't so intense about them anymore.. but now she's fallen into a bad habit..

I told her it was time again to sleep in her own bed and that's what we do, sleep in our own beds and I told her that I love her next to me and she's safe and SOMETIMES she can crawl in, but not every night or every week..

She's done really well.. She's old enough to do what I ask and not have to make it a crying affair, but she's definitely bummed.. and I feel badly..

She asked me last night, Why can't she? She gets that I need space and too many kids in my bed etc.. but she was like, what's the big deal?

LOL.. I wasn't really sure how to answer that without saying, I don't WANT to sleep next to you.. cause that isn't the whole truth and I don't want her to feel like I don't adore her.. I told her that as people and humans that sleep is important and we do it best in our own beds and that all her friends have their own beds and it's just something we do.. Until you're married, and even then.. lol.. You needs pace sometimes.. I told her she needs to be independent at bed time and I love her and always there if she needs..

But she raised a good question and I wasn't exactly sure what to say.. no real medical reason..

So what do you tell your kids? Besides that we just do..

I have zero problem making it happen. I'm not guilty or feel badly for her.. she's fine and everyone is better off .. but I didn't have a really good reason to tell her..

Well. I'm a single mom so there's plenty of room.. lol.. And I'm obviously way more lazy about it then I was when daddy was there.. cause there wasn't ANY room then... but daddy hasn't been in my bed since she was 1 .. so she doesn't even know about that time..

I just tell her.. that it's something we as people and humans do to take care of our bodies .. I told her every now and then is fine and I want her to feel safe knowing she CAN come in .. but not every night.. or every other night..

I just tell her I love her and I love cuddling and i'm always there for her, but I want to be a good mommy too and let her body rest the best..

She ain't buying it.. but you know... :)
    We have this problem. Our four year old kicks and screams when we try to put her in her own bed. She is afraid of being alone. I don't know how to get her to stay in her bed. It gets exhausting when your tired and your child is flipping out lol But she is happy with idea of sharing her room with her baby sister so she will have a companion when she goes to bed. Glad that your daughter is back to her own bed! :)
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