Sleepless Nights

I'am on my 20weeks now and having difficulty in sleeping. I am surrounded by pillows all over, yet I still feel uncomfortable. I would always wake up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep then find difficulty sleeping back. My lower back pain is getting worst too. Baby kicks are frequent too. Is it normal Moms? Baby is becoming so demanding now and would give me a wake up kick when he feels doing it.

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    i used to sleep prty good but id have my nights. here lately tho (which im almost due) its gotten worse. but try taking maybe a childrens tylenol to help sleep or something. or snuggle w/ ur partner (unless ur single).

    some foods that help tho.. bcuz they contain melatonin which helps u sleep.. are turkey, milk, n grapefruit. also chamomile tea (sleepytime tea). i use celestial seasons brand. Just try this stuff out. nvr know. it could help
      Every pregnancy was different for me.. and some women find sleeping easy and some just can't do it no matter how comfy they are.. I had one of each.. 20 weeks seems early for you to be so uncomfortable, but there are many things that can make you feel that way.. the baby could be pushing or sitting on a nerve or in a strange position.. though the baby still has plenty of room..

      I took benadryl to help me sleep. Of course with my Doctors approval and that seemed to help a bit.. but also could give me that restless leg syndrome..

      If your back hurts this badly at 20 weeks, I would call your Doctor and just see what he would suggest for you..
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