I love my son with my whole heart and even thou I have yet to have my daughter I already love her and cant wait to see her! BUT I feel real bad because I worry will I be able to love her as much as I do my son will I be able to give them both the same amount of love attention n everything it makes me scared to have her because I don't want to treat her different.

    I felt the exact same way... I thought there was no way I could love my little girl like I love my son and no way she would be nearly as special.. and that I would miss my alone time with my first born.. I was stressed about this a lot..

    Then I had her.. and it all made sense.. I DID love her as much,but it was different. and special in it's own way.. and the bond between my first seemed to be stronger as he helped me with her and was by my side as she was brought home and into our lives..

    You will be surprised at how you feel. I promise..
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