Time to stop pumping

Riley is now over a year. My supply is dropping when I pump. I think it is time to stop. On the days I work I only nurse once or twice, a couple more than that on days I'm home. I'm thinking of only nursing him first thing in the morning and using milk and food the rest of the day. He loves to eat solids and already drinks water with his meals. Is it enough to nurse him only once a day?

    I'm not an expert so I hope Katiewill correct me if I'm wrong... but I would be careful with only nursing once a day. Depending on what your supply is now, dropping to just one session a day may make you dry up entirely. I know when I stopped pumping at work with Mason it was only another month before I was unable to breastfeed him at all and we had to switch to formula (he was younger and still needed bottles). Just think about what you want and if you are ready for him to maybe wean.
      8Theresa Gould
      By a year my older two were on cow's milk and eating regular food. I did things differently with the rest of mine and extended nursed but it is kind of up to you and if Riley is ready to be weaned.
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