waiting .. i hate waiting!!

ive got to wait till May 1st before i take in HPT! in the case that my period doesnt show up on the 28th of course, as days go by i notice more and more things changing about my body, i know it could all be due to my perios coming, but i hope im not putting things in my own head, which is odd for me to say bc we werent acually trying for another! ha .. but i guess a little part of me is excited to see what this test may say.(:

Nikki Hicks
    You can do it!!!!!!! May isn't too far away at all. Although I totally know how hard it is to wait to take a test. Between my girls, I bought a box of china cheapie tests on Amazon... I think I got 30 for $7 or something like that! It was awesome because I never felt like I had to wait... and a negative test I could just tell myself "tested too early!" ;)
      8Theresa Gould
      It is hard to wait, but May isn't far away and soon you'll know for sure!
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