Just had heartbreaking news that a family friend passed away today. My fiancé's mother is deeply upset as that is her best friend who passed this morning. It was a massive heart attack and stroke. We'll be attending the memorial; there is no funeral. Judy leaves behind her sister, a daughter in my age group, and a grandson.

I know what it feels like to lose a loved one to something sudden and tragic, and I want to appropriately express my condolences without anyone feeling annoyed from the overload of condolences that one receives while they're grieving. Anyone have any suggestions?

When I have my baby showers in a couple of months, I was planning to include this family on a guest list, but they'll still be grieving yet I don't want them to feel excluded should they find out about one of the baby showers. I guess people can grieve and celebrate at the same time. Anyone know the etiquette for this?

    So sorry to hear this, but yes - I would absolutely invite them. My grandmother passed away 10 days before Hayden was born, and her birth really helped everyone in the family cope with their sadness and escape from mourning for a bit. It was a breath of fresh air and a chance to remember that life is a happy thing :)
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      Sorry for their and your loss. Don't change your invite, still invite them and give them the chance to decide if they are up for it or not.

      Sometimes not saying anything but giving a hug and telling them you are sorry for their loss is better than any elaborate condolences.
        Sorry to hear about your family friend. I think if your baby shower is a couple months away they might feel up to going to it, still good idea to give them an invite and hope they come to it.
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