When I give my daughter tylonal she ALWAYS spits it out. Would putting it in her bottle with some formula be a bad idea? I'm running out of options.


    Yeah, I wouldn't mix it. With Avery I just tried to squirt it way back in her cheek and kind of under her tongue. I'd also only push the syringe down a little at a time so she had time to swallow.

    A nurse told me that if you hold the syringe in their mouth long enough they might start to suck on it like a pacifier. If they do, slowly push the syringe down then and she'll automatically swallow it like she would from a bottle.
      I wouldn't mix either. Why are you giving tylenol? If it's not absolutely necessary, I would probably just do without it
        8Theresa Gould
        I was going to ask the same thing Beth did and question why Karma needs Tylenol at 3 months old? And I agree with the others about not mixing it. When we gave Tylenol we always squirt it into the side of their cheek and tickled their chin/jaw, like Stefany said.
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