My little kickboxer

Did you find that your little one kicked, punched, nudged, or did acrobatics the MOST after eating a big meal? I noticed the most movement with Eire-Mahal after lunch on Easter Sunday. We had a nice spread of filippino food, buffet style. I didn't go up for 2nds but I ate all kinds of foods that I don't normally. A few hours later, this baby's presence became well known!

Since then her movements haven't been nearly as intense. I have an anterior placenta so her jabs and punches get cushioned by my stomach. I feel her the most late at night around bedtime. Erik thinks she'll be born around that time or at least keep me up during those hours.

    Yes I noticed this too :) It's probably because your blood sugar was much higher than normal. Even if you weren't eating sugary foods, the natural sugars will give that baby a little energy boost ;)
      Melissa Middleton
      My son kicked around night time as well. He was born at 11:05 pm, via C-section though. We had to get him on a schedule since he had his days and nights mixed up.
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