Techniques for burping baby.

I've been having issues with burping the baby. Sometimes he does and other times not. If not, he gets really gassy and gets very upset and nothing is soothing to him. Any suggestions? This keeps him up at night for a couple hours sometimes. He doesn't cry the whole time, but it's hard for him to sleep when his tummy is upset.

I put gas drops in Bailey's bottle at every feeding, and we recently just put it down to every other bottle. That helped big time. Even though she's 4 months, we still burp her at every ounce, or at least we try to. Sometimes she just won't and we'll feed her another ounce. That seems to help. But it will also go away with age. It'll get better eventually. He might be colicky as well. Is it the same time every night?
    I always loved having my babies sit on my lap and I held their heads under their chin with their chest leaning against my forearm.

    If you konw he will be upset and gassy I would just say keep trying to burp him until something comes out. It'll come out eventually!
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      Congratulations on the birth of Fernando! The others have suggested things I would have said.
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