Capsule Wardrobes for Kids

So I'll be the first to admit that I have a terrible time keeping track of my clothes as far as making sure I have all the necessary pieces for the season without having a closet full of stuff I don't wear. Since this new trend of capsule wardrobes came about I've been super interested. The whole idea is that you only have a certain amount key pieces that you can mix and match to create a meaningful wardrobe. My favorite one is 16 pieces for 40 outfits! The idea that I don't have to spend a fortune on clothes and I can still feel put together sounds amazing to me! If you haven't seen a capsule wardrobe before click on this link to see this example:…

Then I started thinking about Avery's clothes and I totally bypassed making a capsule wardrobe for myself and started working on hers. Isn't that how motherhood usually goes?

I figure that I don't need a ton of different articles of clothing for her, I just need stuff that can easily pair with each other. She grows out of stuff so fast anyway I'd rather not buy a ton of stuff at any given time. I'm pretty excited about it! We already own some of the pieces I'll need so I won't have to buy too much stuff. Certainly a lot less then I would have if I'd just replaced everything she grew out of.

Here's what I did. First, I picked my color palette. 2-3 colors that go together plus 2 neutrals. I went with Bright Blue, Coral, Yellow, White, and Denim for Avery. Then I came up with a list of each piece I'd need. 4 bottoms (2 Denim, 1 white, 1 yellow), 4 tops (1 blue, 1 coral, 1 white, 1 pattern), 4 dresses/rompers (1 white, 1 denim/navy, 2 patterned), and 2 outwear pieces to throw on top (1 white, 1 denim). That's 14 pieces and I figure I can make around 40 outfits with them. I do laundry every week so I should only have to re-wear bottoms since I have 8 tops/dresses.

How do you handle buying your kids clothes?

    Um. BEST IDEA EVER!!!!! Once you have everything together please please please post a picture of all her stuff, I would love to see it!!
      I really love this idea and I am already making my plans to do it for the next round of clothes I need to buy the kids. I am so excited about it I kind of want to do it now, but they have enough clothes already.
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