How friendship changes when you have a baby

I think friendship changes mostly because YOU change. Generally we're friends with people because we share a common interest or activity. When you become a parent your interests become feeding schedules and sleep , your activities become diaper changes, feedings, and burping. We become consumed with keeping this new little thing alive and healthy. That just doesn't leave a whole lot of space for the things you used to do with your friends.

It's hard for friends to talk to you and for you to talk to them. They don't want to talk about your baby's diaper rash anymore and you don't have the energy to keep up with that TV show you two used to always talk about. The awkward silences cut hang out time short.

I think the best way to keep up with friends when you have a new baby is to A) Openly let them know that you need some space to figure out parenting, but you still want to hang out some times. B) when you do hang out ask them to come to you because the baby won't be such a distraction in an environment you can control. C) ask them about their life as much as possible - they'll feel appreciated and you'll get in touch with the outside world a little more.

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    This is FANTASTIC advice, and so true!!! I lost a lot of my friends when I was the first to have a baby, but now that many of them are having children of their own I'm finding more and more that we are re-connecting and our friendships are just as strong (sometimes even stronger!) as they were before.
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      You said it very well.
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