Do I Sound Selfish and Mean?

My husband suggested that this weekend we can go on a little mini weekend get away. Go out of town get a hotel have a nice dinner then do some shopping and just enjoying each others company. Only problem is my parents who usually watches my almost 6 month old son is going to be out of town. My husband mentioned having another family member watch him and my son isn't 100% comfortable with them yet. He has only met them maybe 4 times. They also don't have any baby stuff at their place and I feel it would be a hassle for them. My mom is the only one who has ever watched him over night. I feel more then comfortable leaving him with her. He is really attached to her and is very comfortable in her house. She has a bed, toys, bouncers and pretty much everything he could need and more there. He sees my parents almost every week if not maybe ever 10 days or so. My mom was there when I had my c-section and stayed with me for 3 weeks when he was born and every weekend till he was about 2 months old. I told my husband I would feel best waiting another week or two till my mom could watch him. Is this selfish of me?

    I don't think that's selfish at all. The whole point of the getaway is for you and your husband to relax and you won't be able to do that if Jacob isn't with someone you feel 100% comfortable with.
      No.. You want to have a good time and you won't unless you know your son is happy and okay.. Thats fair.. However, maybe you could take him to his families home for a few hours to start to get used to it? So if that's your only option one day.. then no biggie. Be nice to have two places.. right?

      But I totally GET IT.. I wouldn't either.. not selfish.. you're a mom :)
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