When will baby kick

This varies a lot from woman to woman. It depends on the mother's weight, location of the placenta, and position of the baby. If the mother has a little extra padding it can be hard to feel the kicks through that. The same goes if the placenta is on the front of the uterus. That padding means the baby has to be bigger in order to kick powerfully enough to feel. It will probably take longer. If the baby is facing inwards all the kicks may go into your kidneys rather then to your tummy where you can feel them from the outside.

Generally speaking mothers will feel flutters, hiccups, or kicks by about 16-25 weeks. You'll feel them before other people will too, because the baby has to be big enough for them to feel it with their hand, while you'll feel him/her moving inside you.

I felt a little twitch/flutter around 16 weeks. It was hard to pinpoint though and I wasn't sure if it was just gas. By 20 weeks they were strong and obvious. That's about when my husband could feel them too. I'm pretty thin so that helped, but I did have my placenta on the front so that made it difficult to feel too.

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    I also was able to feel my second and third babies much earlier than my first. I think mainly because I knew what it would feel like and what to expect :)
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      I felt the first flutter of life when I was 17 weeks along. Three weeks after that, I felt the first kick. It varies from person to person though. Since every woman and pregnancy is different, some may feel it sooner while others feel it later. I heard weight has a lot to do with it, but I am not for certain. Jonah is my first.
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        Sounds about right.
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