Do you make fitness part of your daily/weekly routine?
What do you do for your routine and how often?

I like to do pilates which really helps me tone up and helps with my sciatic nerve pain. I also just bought an ab machine. Cannot wait for it to arrive!!
I don't like to workout most days but I gained a good amount of weight from a birth control shot awhile ago and it's been hard keeping the weight off so I have to eat better and workout. It does help me feel better though.
I've lost 15 lbs so far.

Who don't like to have more energy naturally!

It's great to see so much more fruit/veggies in the grocery store now too. It makes eating better easier! ✿

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    8Theresa Gould
    I'm working on it but mostly rely on physical work around the farm. Walking is my preferred exercise and swimming but we don't have access to a pool or late at this time.
    Well, that's a great workout in itself.
      I'm really bad about fitness. I always say I am going to start exercising regularly, but then I never actually start :/
      hehe Yeah, I'll start then stop soon after then repeat but this time I've been staying on a good routine.
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