Buying used: Depends on what it is!

Things that shouldn't be bought used: car seats because you don't know the history of them - if a seat is ever in a crash, even just a small fender bender it should be replaced. Shoes. I didn't know about shoes until just recently when I found out shoes change shape to fit our feet - buying them used means they won't form to your child's foot and may not fit right

Other than those two things, I think buying used is great! I buy a lot of clothes, toys, and books used to save on money :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    We still buy used shoes sometimes. I think the concern is over well worn shoes, which I can understand but almost new or hardly worn? One of my daughters favorite farm shoes are ones a friend gave her after she outgrew them! My daughter says they are so comfy!

    I don't buy used underwear or bras or bedding usually.
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