Nina's 1 Year Old Checkup

It's always fun seeing an experienced doctor do a double take at your child's height/weight and ask that they be re-measured/weighed!

Nina weighs 27ish lbs, and is....31? inches long. I forget exactly (it's been a long day), but I do remember that her doctor showed me the chart for Year-old Growth, and she was listed above all of it.

Last time, at her 9 month checkup, she was in the 93rd percentile of height/weight, and everyone said she looked much older than just 9 months! now, she's so big that she fits perfectly into 24 month old clothes, and is even a little too big for some of them, and the dresses I just bought her today had to be 2-3T, and even those aren't too too big!

She also had 3 shots at the end of the visit, poor girl. She was very, very mad and upset about it, but I scooped her up as soon as the last band-aid was on and hugged her and just talked and in a few minutes she was fine again.

(Side Note: her cold doesn't worry them, though she did have a fever of 99ish degrees. I picked up some infant cold drops/fever reducer that they suggested and that I've used before, so she should be fine)

She had whole milk for the first time when we got home, and the doctor was worried that we'd have to mix formula with it to get her to accept it, but I put some milk into a bottle and she didn't bat an eye. Just drained it and went about her usual happy way! I'm so glad she isn't picky...yet! After that we had some chicken and broccoli (no soy sauce or garlic for hers, also cut up very small) and a bath and she's all tuckered out for now.

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad Nina is doing so well! Sounds like a good day all in all, aside from the discomfort of the shots, of course.
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