Would you eat your placenta?

Have any of you heard of this before? Some moms are eating their placenta because of possible health benefits such as reducing or treating postpartum depression.


Some moms will cook up the placenta and eat it like a steak and other moms will have it cooked, dried and put into capsules and take it like pills.


Personally I think it wont hurt and I was very interested in the benefits. I was planning on keeping and encapsulating my placenta with my last baby but I was unable to due to a virus and blood transfusion I got during my pregnancy.

After you get over the initial gross factor what do you think about this? Would you ever consider doing it?


I'm with Melissa - The benefits seem rewarding and the research is interesting, but the idea of ingesting something that was initially a part of me is just weird to me.
    Idk about that one
      I guess if it's in pill form that's not SO bad. I mean look at the stuff we take in pill form. But I just don't think anyone could ever talk me into this...no matter what they say the benefits are.
        8Theresa Gould
        I've heard of this but I don't think I ever could.
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