Those annoying Facebook friends...

What is the most annoying type of Facebook friend? Is it the one who posts ever second of their day, down to minute details that leave you wondering why? Or how about thee of 20 selfies a day? Oh wait, maybe it's the "I hate my husband/wife/mother/neighbor" and then post something about what a wonderful husband/wife/mother/neighbor they have?

What do you ladies think?

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't really get annoyed with Facebook friends since I have the option of reading or scrolling. I'm in control.
      The ones who posts EVERYTHING minute by minute.
        I think it's the ones who air their dirty laundry on there or talk about their friends and it causes a fight to break out over comments and posts...although I have been known to read through comments and start clicking on people then more people only to find myself an hour later, ten profiles deep of people I don't even know just to get to the bottom of the story! Lol
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