How upset would u be?

So my husband last night got a phone call from his dad saying his grandpa was in the hospital for congested faliure. So he wanted to go visit him.

So after work today he went to go visit his grandpa which i completely understood. But i explained to him when he got back i had to leave to go help someone with a garage sale as our stuff is in and he agreed. So i made dinner, fed the kids and just as i was gettting dishes in he walked in the house. Told me that his grandpa had bone cancer. I said well he is 91 so problems are going to start but i am
Sorry we all have to watch grandpa suffer. I then told him to clean up the rest of the kitchen, amd do haidens homework and give kids a bath like he always does, i will feed vince his bottle when i get home. He said ok.
Well i came home at 7pm, he hands me vince. I looked around, the food was not put away, dishes not done, push ups dripping on table, the tray for highchair on table not cleaned. He said he did some but i clearly didnt see anything done.
Look at haiden school bag, homework is not in there, look on counter where i left it from
Yesterday. Look to see if its done and its not.
He got me a bowl of icecream but he left the ice cream carton sit out after i cleaned the mess from dinner he left and when i put my bowl in sick the ice cream melted all over the counter.
So how would u react. So i wrote a note to haidens teacher using my husbands sick grandpa and that we visited him and got home late.

But i am very angry. Just to think in may i am going to leave for a weekend. Makes me wonder what i will come home to.

    I would be upset as well sorry for what yall are going threw
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      I got that as it is hard to watch someone u know ur whole life just get sick and useless as i had go
      Watch my grandpa ditareate. Even though it hurt me i still kept the house clean.
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