Fever =(

Poor Nina-bean's fever has gotten up to 101* again...called the doctor, she said to just keep on doin what I'm doin (cold pacifiers, fever-reducer/cold drops, damp, cool cloth on forehead, check her temperature every once in a while)...she's asleep peacefully, now...but she woke up earlier and wasn't at ALL happy, so I sat and rocker her for...eesh. We sat together for four hours, just rocking and cuddling, watching T.V. together while she drifted in and out of sleep.

Overall, Dr Christina said that as long as it doesn't hit 104*, she should be fine, as long as there is no vomiting, diarrhea, violent coughing etc. Right now it's just fever and runny nose and the occasional cough.

Still, my poor girl =(

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