Terrible twos and potty training

so nevaeh is learning to potty train and wearing big girl panties during the day and she is in the terrible two stage and i told her no with getting on my laptop because she likes to pick it up and bang on it and throw it so when i told her no she started throwing a hissy fit and decided to pee everywhere even though she had just went potty in her big potty and this was at like 1:30 pm and she did fine yesterday with pottin in the potty. Any one else that has a toddler and potty training havin problems with this??

HaleySpringdale, Arkansas
    Thank you and she is one i think it also has to do with her brother but yesterday she had one accident and that was my fault because i forgot she wasnt in diaper and i was cooking so when that happened it wasnt her fault but today i got so aggravated because she did it on purpose
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