Feeling guilty about going out

I need advice from working moms. I know my husband and I need a date night, and I need an adult night. I haven't had neither since Bailey was born. However, I feel so guilty just thinking about going out with my little girl.

I go 10/12 hours a day Monday through Friday without seeing her. When she does get home she's ready for her last bottle and she wants to go right to sleep. I get maybe an hour with her if I'm lucky. If I'm already leaving her with someone 5 days a week, how can I leave her with someone else for 6 days.

We're moving next month and I'm hoping I'll be able to spend more time with her and the guilt will go. I'm already struggling as it is. How do you deal with the guilt?

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      I know how you feel. Being a working mom is tough and the guilt can be awful. I agree with the others- try to go out when she's asleep, maybe that'll help.

      Remember though- your baby knows you, she knows you are her mom. That is never going to change. You are going to be the one she runs to, the one she wants when she's hurt, sick, etc. That won't change because you work. You (and her dad) will always be the center of her world (well, until she's like a teenager. Lol). She will not remember that you took time out to go see a movie or have an adult night. And it won't change your relationship with her. But YOU will remember it because it's important to have time for yourself. And time for you and your SO is important and will make a difference for you.
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