Physicians, Friends, Family, Religious Leaders have all been consulted and we are comfortable that the majority of variables in our question have been answered and we have come to a decision about these variables. But there is still one variable up for debate... Based solely On Future Romantic Encounters with His future Wife... Do we Yes circumcise our son? No don't circumcise our son? or It doesn't make a difference? We have had less than a handful of partners between us. Thanks and please stay focused because this is a serious issue for us and we are Not looking to turn this thread into a discussion of religion, cleanliness, not looking like daddy, horrific third world practices, nor weather it is ok to doc a Doberman's tail.... again thanks :)

    Based on romantic encounters with his future wife- I honestly might say no because the part they get rid of has many nerves which would be used for pleasure. However, his wife could be unsupportive and "grossed out' by it's looking different. We, personally, decided to have our son circumcised.
      Circumcision removes a very large amount of nerve endings. Circumcision makes sex less pleasurable. It is best to leave your son intact to give him the best romantic future.